Blackstreet - Black And White

Текст песни Blackstreet - Black And White

Yeah, I have dreams of you and I
And those dreams that I dream
It's in black and white

1 - I dream in black and white
But I make love in color
Ooh, girl, you're body so tight
I wanna make you my lover

I dream in black and white
But I make love in color
Ooh, girl, you're body's so right
I wanna make you my lover

My tease couldn't paint a better picture
Of a holy tipper, who praises for days
I know I make good love to you
That's what I heard you say
Don't blame it on the paintbrush
You should blame it on the campus
Cuz these small time minds don't really understand us
Ooh, baby, yeah

(Repeat 1)

They said I broke the laws of motion
The way you made an image of me
But I got all seven seas open
Your third eye couldn't even see
But could you make a groan
So I could leave your first body alone
Girl, you got me in a zone
I said I'm cryin' out for more, oh

2 - Don't touch there too much
Cuz I could get a little crazy
It's almost scandalous
Baby, can never wanna leave me

(Repeat 1)

(Repeat 2)

I dream in black and white
But I make love in color

That's my style, baby

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