Blessid Union Of Souls - Nora

Текст песни Blessid Union Of Souls - Nora

I went to see my grandma today

I learned the difference between

Living and alive

Wall to wall roaches in a two by four infested room

Lying there in pain

Praying for the lord to take her

Nora - I hope it wont be too long for you

Nora - all these years youve been so strong

Nora - I hope you dont mind if I call you nora

I love you

After leaving her, I turned my life around

I see new life differently

Through the vision of the old

Oh, material things dont mean that muich to me

I guess I learned that Im just

Glad to be alive and healthy

Nora - all this time that you have known me

Nora - it took your whole life just to show me

Nora - how we take some things for granted

Nora, nora, nora, I love you

And though I know there wasnt long to go

Time was something that we shared

And when you died I didnt cry for long

Cause I believe Ill see you again

Nora - Ill see you on the other side

Nora - Ill be the one with swallowed pride

Nora - are you sure you dont mind if I call you

Nora, nora, I love you, I love you, I love you

I love ... you

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