Blind Guardian - The Last Candle

Текст песни Blind Guardian - The Last Candle

Guardian, Guardian, Guardian of the Blind (4x)
Have you forgotten him
Far from the land
where the sun is born
down in the wood "Caladon"
Do you know that place
where the light is never seen
and all hopes are turned
by the final cry
Turned to Stone (4x)
Whispering tunes in the wind
all hopes are gone with the night
when the old man will never come back
remembre his words and his songs
And we see the raven flying in the distance
but no wizard's singing his song

Somebodies out in the night
I fly in time
the last candle will burn
there's hope for everyone
when the last candle burns high
oh it's time for life

The elves and gnoms have to hide
when the moon is showing it's face
and raging orcs will set their traps

and all forests will burn
they hate green trees
and love the dark
they don't understand
that they're caught and left alone
they feel the magic in the wind
they just fear the old man's song

Corrupted old gnom
betrayer of all
you know so much about all
what is your price?
"Too much, too much
you cannot pay with your silver and your gold
there's just a little chance to save the wizard's life
there's just a little chance for all you fools
now pay"
And so I walk across the land
and hope to hear the wizard's song

Somebodies out there
I feel there's somebody
Somebodies out there
I feel there's somebody
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