Blind Guardian - The Martyr

The MartyrBlind Guardian6:17

Текст песни Blind Guardian - The Martyr

To take all our pain
The kingdom of heaven is near
The children of this time
Must die for his arrive
To let all the legends be true

The prophecy said they'll call king of the jews
He is born now to take all our sins
Three kings were searching for this holy child
The journey begins, he has to die

Healing the cripples and taking our pain
He came for the sinner
But what we have paid
Disciples are following
They are calling his words
Salt of the earth and light of the world

Martyr – we are following you bless us for eternity
Messiah – we are torturing you when you lose the power of your words

Jump from the temple and angel will save
Show me that you are the son of our God
Now take my land with my power you get
Rulin' the world of tomorrow Now!

Messiah – Liar – Our burning desire
He is the king without a crown

We will set him to his throne
Give me 30 p. of silver and I'll be your man

Higher – Liar – The fallen Messiah
Let us see his agony
The things he done are blasphemy
Mob has lost their joy on toy so let us kill him fast

Now drink my blood for the new testament
This is my body you eat
One of you twelve is the one who betrays
Better that he's never born

Judas you're the chosen one
The world has damned your name No!

Begin with a kiss at a cross it will end
The kingdom of heaven we've passed
The sky will turn black and the curtain will fall
The father is crying for his son
The tortured Messiah is finding his way
The journey has come to the end
The twelve ones are preaching the words he had left
They're changing the way of the world but die for

Martyr – we are following you bless us for eternity
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