Blind Guardian - Wizard's Crown

Wizard's CrownBlind Guardian3:50

Текст песни Blind Guardian - Wizard's Crown

Years ago I came back
this has been my hardest attack
A burning fire's in my brain
I could feel the deadly flame
Tales of the magic in my head
to a dark dream I fall in my mind
I hold the key of fortune
To feel the strange thing's in my mind
the stone of Ambar I must find
I'll take the chance that day

Halloween – The wizards crown I'll take on
Halloween – But there is no return on Halloween

I'm the servant of the Blind to cross the realms of death
the gate is open wide you cannot close

His dungeons deep no place to hide
The times have changed he has to fight
In magic spell I fall
Illusions falling in my mind
But where's the key I cannot find the ritual has begun

The battle has begun
the warlocks time has come
I pay the price I've to pay
Why haven't see the signs
I'm loosing now my life
but cannot die forever life

Halloween – The wizards crown I'll take on Halloween
Halloween – But there is no return on Halloween
Halloween – The wizards crown I'll take on
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