Blink 182 - It's Christmas Time Again

Текст песни Blink 182 - It's Christmas Time Again

Outside the carolers start to sing
I can't describe the joy they bring
Cause joy is something they don't bring me
My girlfriend is by my side
From the roof are hanging sickles of ice
Their whiny voices get irritating

It's Christmas time again

So i stand with a dead smile on my face
Wondering how much of my time they'll waste
Oh God, i hate these Satan's helpers
And then i guess i must have snapped
Because i grabbed a baseball bat
And made them all run for shelter

It's Christmas time, again
It's time to be nice to the people that you can't stand

All year
I'm growing tired of all this Christmas cheer
You people scare me
Please stay away from my home
If you don't wanna get me down,
Just leave the presents and then leave me alone

Well i guess it's not cool to freak on Christmas Eve
Cause the cops came and arrested me
They had an unfair advantage
And even though the jail didn't have a tree
Christmas came nightily
Cause a guy named Bubba unwraps my package

I won't be home
I won't be home for Christmas

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