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josie your my source
of most frustration
forget when i dont meet
every thing u wished came true
in the end we all blamed u
even though as
they all know
u wernt the only
why do u still keep it around
when u know it brings me down
im hating everything
and i know that u dated other guys
but i gotta wonder why
u leave it out 4 me
why do i still keep it around
when i know it brings me down
im hating everything
and u are getting rides
home in his car

and making out in his front yard
im hating every thing
please dont remind me
put your past behind me
it shines so bright it blinds me
wish that this would end
and i am not fine
last night i saw u on-line
your screen name used 2 be mine
why cant we just pretend
and if we could have another day
ive got so much left 2 say
i'd tell u every thing
and i'd laugh when i think about the past
when i see u after class
i'd tell u every thing

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