Blondie - Military Rap

Текст песни Blondie - Military Rap

Alright you maggots!

Get it up!

Do you love me?

I cant hear you!

Pick em up and put em down.

Youre in the army now.

Well make a man of you and then a soldier too.

Shoulders back and stomach in.

Well teach you discipline.

Mothers sons and fathers daughters - shut it up and follow orders.

Study up on weaponry.

The m-16, the m-15.

Sammy knows the enemy.

Flim flam big slam tell the major what you see.

Hut hut hut hut!

Ayattolah rock the house.

(? ) with minnie mouse.

Donald duck is going red.

Goofys working for the feds.

8 ball in the side pocket.

I just shot my last rocket!

Im coming back!

Theyre on my tail!

Arent you glad I escaped from jail?

Bangkok rocks!

Bangkok rocks!

Girls on the strip.

Its a one way trip.

Bangkok rocks!

Patpong, patpong, patpong.

Bangkok rocks!

Soldiers dine for free.

Natos up a tree.

Tours at 9 and 3!

Go now, pray later.

Its a lay-away plan!

Free vacation in iran!

Stop and see the middle east.

Miles and miles of lovely beach.

Get that coppertone tan on radioactive sand.

Those at home just got a directive.

All report to the neighborhood collective.

10 hours a day making makeup so the girls at the front can be more attractive.

If I die on the russian front, bury me with russian mud.

If they drop us in the east, (? ).

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