Blondie - Susie And Jeffrey

Текст песни Blondie - Susie And Jeffrey

Even thought Jeff was worried
They were not in a hurry
They planned a lovely honeymoon
Sue had a band new chevy
Conservative in good taste
Only thirty payments due
They had outstanding tickets
They had no car insurance
But they had lots of things to do
They were getting organised
They had their plans all finalised
The date was set for Saturday
Susie and Jeffrey, there gonna get married
There going for a blood test
What if I dont past my blood test?
What about our marriage license?
What if I cant be deprogrammed
Dont act like its your last chance
We could have fun at the Sparn Ranch

Its not like Gordon avenue
Susie and Jeffrey, there gonna get married
There going for a blood test
Jeffrey said, Less weight
Sue took here foot off the break
He drove into a wall
Dont get excited now dont shout
Ill scratch your eyes out
Now we can have our honeymoon
Dont touch, shes my fiance
Say, but I like the way you play
An autograph from Orsen Wells
Im the fan, heres my recorded
It one that cant get programmed
We want to give to all of you
They had a little argument
Sue took her foot up off the break
He drove the car into a wall

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