Blondie - The Fugitive

Текст песни Blondie - The Fugitive

Give it up baby.

Dont be so mean.

Give it up baby.

Why dont you come clean?

What harm can come from a stolen kiss?

How could ya leave me at a time like this?

Convicted by forbidden bliss, you hit the road like a fugitive.

Give it up baby.

Give it to me.

I said give it up baby.

Its time come clean.

Were we just getting too intimate?

Like falling into a bottomless pit?

Committed crimes are pa-passionate and just when it gets so primitive, you hit the road like a fugitive.

Work me now!

Work me now!

Show me how!

Work me now!

Running scareds no way to live.

Hesitant and tentative.

Something else has got to give.

It can be so primitive!


All in one night well scheme our way to the heavens.

Youre captive in my grip.

Youre watching time crawl by.

Attending to my needs.

Emotion boiling over, I count the explosions.

Then you hit the road like a fugitive!


Work me now!

Oh baby show me how!

Work me now!

Work me now!

Staring for a moment as I sneak attack.

You run away.

I watch your back.

You got to make your getaway.

You better get it good.

Youre just a primitive, a fugitive.

Whoa! I said work me now!

Come on and work me now!

Oh baby, baby, show me how!

I said surrender, surrender give it to me.

Mmm, baby give it up, dont be so mean.

Ah baby baby cant ya, why dontcha come clean.

Come on and show me how!

Baby, work me now!

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