Bloodhound Gang - Disco Pogo

Текст песни Bloodhound Gang - Disco Pogo

Die Atzen - Jimmy Pop
We'll do it live!
I brought a beat from Berlin
A concussion from the Atzen
There ain't no sitting this one out
So rocking is your option
I know those creeps who make whack beats on their Laptops are pissed
But you can stop pretending you're to cool to dance to this
Forget the Amplifiers turn the heat up to eleven

Let the sweet drip as bitches strip and rain panties from heaven
This Pary's a Toyoto 'cos we don't know when its stopping
So dance like MC Hammer if he had a drinking problem

Disco Pogo Atzen logo
Atzen style is disco pogo
Disco pogo Atzen sing
Atzen party dangling

(Disco Pogo)

(Disco Pogo)

DISCO POGO, Dingalingaling, Dingalingaling.
DISCO POGO, Dingalingaling, Dingalingaling.

The Season has started the freaky party has begun
freaks are invited
Then now is time to have fun
So put your Hands up in the sky and let the sweat poor from the ceiling
Party people in the house
Let me know you got that feeling
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Bloodhound Gang - Disco Pogo?

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