Blue - Long Time (Smooth Mix)

Текст песни Blue - Long Time (Smooth Mix)

Ooh yeah
Ooh baby

The warmth in your smile is the warmth that i desire
Coz its cold and lonely in this place.
Oh yeah
And i need to get close to the flames in a fire and lose myself in yesterday
Oh yeah

Its gonna be a long long time
'till i can be with you again, and see your smile
Its gonna be a long long time
'till i hold you in my arms all through the night
Its gonna be a long long night

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Im looking outside and i feel so uninspired
And its rain all through this lonely night oh yeah
Im losing my mind and my soul s feeling tired
Coz girl youn are my guiding light

Oh yeah


Girl i been missing you, i never thought id feel this way
All the feeling that i have grow stronger everyday.
Girl i want to let you know that i will never let you go
Youre the only one i really want and theres one thing you gotta know


Listen girl
I need you
Are you there
Theres nothing i can do about it
And i wanna hold you girl
And show you how much
You mean to me
Oh yeah
Thats right
Dont you know i want you in my life, my life, my life

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