Blur - All Your Life

All Your LifeBlur4:11

Текст песни Blur - All Your Life

Put a new shirton, wash my face in beer
Fall through the crowd, and disappear
In the teenage magazines, and shopping malls
Walk through the wildlife for miles, and miles
Hold my breath and count a hundred and ten
And back up the hill to start again

Watching spiders on the bedroom ceiling
They got big plans, so they're not breathing
Feel the frisson of tomorrow today
I could get up but it won't go away
Do nothing to impress my friends
Just rub my eyes for hours on end
Oh England, my love, you lost me, made me look a fool

I need someone to tell me
Everything'll be alright
I need someone who'll hold me
When the day turns to night
I need someone who loves me
More than you do
Oh we say that's not true
And you and me in line as double bill

Surrogate heroes on TV and films

I've never met anyone like you
I've never done the things you like to do
On the way to heaven in a comedy car
The new stars of melancholia
There's nothing to get angry about
We're too hung over to be bad and shout
Oh England, my love, you've tattooed your past all over me


Surrogate heroes and welcome you will
I've got a feeling that nobody's sold
I've got a feeling that I should let myself go, go, go

And days will be like this
All your life (x2)

And people will always miss
All your life (x2)

And all your days will be like this (x3)

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