Bobby Brown - One More Night

Текст песни Bobby Brown - One More Night

Baby i know why you want to let me go
All because i been treatin' you so bad
Don't say goodbye, i didn't mean to make you cry
I'm in love with you cuz you're the best that i ever had
Just one more night
Just give me one more night
Just make it right
I promise i will make it feel alright
Just one more chance
All i need from you is one more chance
To fill your life with a little bit of romance
Just give me...

One more night to show it will
It will be alright
One more night with you i know

Please give me a chance to prove myself to you
(all right)
Girl that's all i want to do, baby (all right)
Don't say that it's too late
Baby we all make mistakes
Just forgive me girl and we can make it alright

repeat bridge

repeat chorus


bobby's adlibs - chorus 3x

Girl you know, all i need is that one more

night, to spend alone with you - to show
you how much i really care for you, and
you know i really do.
This is Bobby saying "i love you,
baby". Listen.

2nd chorus:
One more night, it will be alright i
know one more night, it will be alright
for sure
(2x w/ bobby adlibs)
(1x straight)

Nursery rhyme

Our love can't be gone, girl
I know that i was wrong, but
If you can forgive me

I'll love you all night long girl
Just one more night is all that
Bobby's asking for that
Special feeling from you, that you can only give back
We've had up's and down's but
Perfect love will find us
If you'll just be patient
You'll feel that love sensation

It's alright to cry girl
Just don't say goodbye, girl
Stay for one more night
And i'll make it worth your while girl, yeah baby

2nd chorus

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