Bombshell Rocks - Bricks

Текст песни Bombshell Rocks - Bricks

My friends and I we share the same goals
I've had the same goals since I was 16
We've got the same kind if fighter soul
Come and look, it burns like gasoline
I see the end of another day
The night arrives erasing the shadows
The night arrives it keeps the light away
I'm tired, that's the only thing I know

Come watch a generation
Bricks fly when they tear the place down
The course is set the path is chosen
Come watch a generation
Bricks fly when they tear the place down
Ain't gonna stop before the dream is broken

My friends and I we all feel the same
Live a life that is plain and simple
Can't take this pride and replace it with shame
Can't lock us in or send us to hell
I feel fear as the years pass by
I feel fear as I watch the scenario
I close the door and I say goodbye
when I know it's time for me to go

Getting of this road going nowhere
We just stop and turn around
This dead end track won't get us anywhere
Always looking for a place with fertile ground

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