Bon Jovi - Letting You Go

Letting You GoBon Jovi5:51

Текст песни Bon Jovi - Letting You Go

It aint no fun lying down to sleep

And there aint no secrets left for me to keep

I wish the stars up in the sky

Would all just call in sick

And the clouds would take the moon out

On some one-way trip

I drove all night down streets that wouldnt bend

But somehow they drove me back here once again

To the place I lost at love, and the place I lost my soul

I wish Id just burn down this place that we called home

It would all have been so easy

If youd only made me cry

And told me how youre leaving me

To some organ grinders lullaby

Its hard, so hard - its tearing out my heart

Its hard letting you go

Now the sky, it shines a different kind of blue

And the neighbors dog dont bark like he used to

Well - me, these days

I just miss you - its the nights that I go insane

Unless youre coming back for me

Thats one thing I know that wont change

Its hard, so hard - its tearing out my heart

Its hard letting you go

Now some tarot card shark said Ill draw you a heart

And well find you somebody else new

But Ive made my last trip to those carnival lips

When I bet all that I had on you

Its hard, its hard, its hard, so hard

Its hard letting you go

Its hard, so hard, its tearing out my heart

But its hard letting you go

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