Bonnie Tyler - Is Anybody There?

Текст песни Bonnie Tyler - Is Anybody There?

(rick wakeman)
Producer for bonnie: rick wakeman
Recorded in 1998 (released 1999) for rick wakeman's album 'return to the centre of the earth' - a follow-up to his 1979 album 'journey to the centre of the earth'. lyrics taken from the uk album sleeve.

Chorus 1:
Does anyone know my name?
Is there anybody there?
You're as near me as you can ever be
Watching me
Watching me

Does anyone love me?
Does anyone need me?
Nobody knows my name
Takes my blame
Feels my pain

Chorus 2:
Does anyone care for me?
I just need a life to share
All my life i've searched
For someone just like you
Is there anybody there?
Is anyone there?
Anyone there?

Verse 1:
I don't know why you make me wanna stay
'cos there's no-one left to love
I'm losing my life for a reason
I'm losing my life 'cos of you

Tag 2:
Is anybody really there?

No-one waits for no-one
No-one cares at all
Nowhere left to hang around
No-one left to call

Patience is my virtue
By virtue of my shame
Broken pieces everywhere

Everything's a game

Where have all the people gone
That once were in my life
Why has everybody gone away?

Chorus 3:
Does anyone know my name?
Or does anybody care?
There's a reason
Why i know i have to stay
So is anybody there?

I'm losing my life for a reason
I'm losing my life 'cos of you
I want to know you're out there just for me

Chorus 4:
I'm tired of waiting here for you
Now i've made up my mind
You're no good
I don't need you
I don't care anymore when you cry

I'm sending my love far away
With a piece of my heart
And a tear for each day
That i cried
So there must be a reason for living
There must be a reason for loving

It's all right
It's all right

Tag 4:
Will anyone really care
If i just walk away
With a tear in each eye
And a reason not to stay?

Does anyone really know me?
Does anyone really care?
Is there anybody there?

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