Bosson - Love This Life

Текст песни Bosson - Love This Life

If you feel the whole world is against you
And you're irritated about what someone said
You control the thoughts that you are thinking
It's a choice you make and it's all inside your head

When you're late for work and stuck in traffic
And you feel like Michael Douglas in "Falling down"
And then some stupid driver makes you go ballistic
Just kick back, relax
And ignore that screaming down

So, Love this life
Love this life, fill it up with sunshine
A happy thought
Is all you need to keep the clouds away

Love this life
Love this life, fill it up with sunshine
A little sunshine
And everything is gonna go your way

When you check the mirror in the morning
You look pale and old and your waist's
Hard to define
And then your Doctor Slim is giving you a warning

And you accept you'll never work for Calvin Klein

So, love this life.....

Why do we worry about tomorrow today when
Everyday proves us wrong about the worries we
Had yesterday [x2]

In 5 billion years or more the sun stops burning
And this world will be a cold and lonely place
And although our mother earth will keep on turning
She will have to cope without the human race
So it's time to love this life and seize the day

So love this life...

So love this life
Love the ones that do not even deserve it
And if you can't
Just forgive them for the things they've done
Love this life
Love this life and let your troubled soul shine
A little shine
And everything is gonna go your way

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