Bosson - Right Time

Текст песни Bosson - Right Time

Lyrics:bosson, music: bosson

Gonna tell the world that Ive fallen for you

Ive got a secret, I cant hold it back anymore

Ive got to share it with everyone I know

Its a lifetime waiting for someone like you

Im falling, a feeling too good to be true, so true

I write you a song on the radio

I want them to know that Ill die for you


This is the right time, oh oh this is the moment

Im gonna tell the world that Ive fallen for you x2

I never thought that, there was a space inside me

But you found it, a place where you wanted to be

Im happy, you gave me time to see

Im falling, for the first time I feel that Im free

I write you a song on the radio

I want them to know that Ill die for you


Ill write you a poem in the magazine

Ill buy some time in the 7 oclock news

I run through the city naked shout and scream

Heeyoo heyoooooo

Ill drop some flyers from an aeroplane

Im making a movie where Im singing in the rain

I send out the message to the outer space

Calling earth, ground control, do you read me?

I read you, over

Weve got a small problem up here

We found a guy who says hes got a message for the world

I think hes really fallen in love...over and out


Ohooo heeyooooo

Ohooo cant hold it back no more

Ohooo heeyooooo

Ohooo gonna tell the world


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