Bosson - Thinking About You

Текст песни Bosson - Thinking About You

Every day and every night, I'm lonesome
The one I thought I'd never find, I lost somehow
We had a dream
In which our love could never die

A messy place an empty mind, stii feel you
An unmade bed a glass of wine, I'm used to
I'll find a reason, a new meaning to hold on to
But till I know I want to spend my time with you..

Thinking about you in the morning
I am thinking about you in the night
I am thinking of the tears and the laughter
And all the time we used to fool around
I am missing all the crazy days with you and I

Our favourite songs and tv-shows remind me
Baby talk, internal jokes, sweet memories
We had a dream

in which our love would last forever
We had a dream
But God has changed our destiny

I'm spending days just staring at the ceiling
My tears they fall no matter what I'm feeling
I'll find a reason a new meaning to hold on to
But till I know I want to spend my time with you


I'm missing all the crazy days, with you and I
I'm missing and the lovely days, with you and I
I wanna spend my time with you
As long as I can do
Till I find a meaning to
Hold on to....

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