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Текст песни Boy Sets Fire - Chapter 2: In the one c

[Often in the process of electing political officials, the voices and ideas of candidates other than those offered by the two major political parties, fall upon deaf ears. This creates a streamlining of the views held by political hopefuls, forcing them to conform to the standard beliefs and ethical systems that are already in practice. Unfortunately, this also brings into being a situation that leaves the average American citizen with a fortuitously basic choice, conservative or liberal (example a:1). Notable critics of this process include Tocqueville, who stated that "democracy breeds mediocrity". This is not to say that democracy itself is undesirable, it does however point to the possibility that democracy coupled with capitalism authors an environment that is antithetical to itself. It takes government from the hands of the people, and delivers it into the hands of those whose sole interest is the profit of themselves and of those they are most closely affiliated with (i.e. the American Medical Association fighting legislation that would provide universal healthcare; big oil companies, lumber companies, chemical / pharmaceutical companies, and commercial restaurant chains fighting environs-mental legislation that would impose on the profitability of their business interests; the American Lawyers Association lobbying against tort reform, which would make the laws understandable to the average American, and lawsuit reduction acts.) These forces in mind, the American public is pitted against its national enemies, its political defectors, the media, big business, the Federal government, and itself. Opportunely, in a democracy people do have a voice, if they choose to use it. A voice not used is a voice stolen.]

"mercy. victim. of your own ego's creed. of your own postulation. maintain your pure design. your pride. too many punches pulled. iscariotic lips. betrayal of your own words, and actions. unmoving. unchanging. staggering. inactive. destroy. their fables. half truths lies. said masked by good intentions. their knives all hanging lamp behind a brick facade. stand in line for possession. branded for. watching. feeling. touching. tearing. dignity is for the weak. mercy."

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