Boy Sets Fire - Chapter 5: My Own Restrains

Текст песни Boy Sets Fire - Chapter 5: My Own Restrains

[Exemplifying the current standards placed on United States political officials, the relaxation of many ethics has come to warp and often replace the code of conduct originally expressed in writing to protect against corruption. Once in place, a new code of ethics can be loopholed to then to another, and then to another. Change is not the culprit, instead investment in bending moral practices to suit personal and singular liberty blures the already networked and confusing practice of law and lawmaking. Not seeing the cycle, politicians all too often fall prey to the "Washington" way of life. In this way, then, traditions and attitudes are fostered in this moral enviornment. It may be stated, with a certain amount of reassurance, that a country which was founded on the idea of illegal (example b:1) and unethical expansionism cannot prosper in a way that is beneficial to the whole of humankind. One act of terror and murder neturally leads itself to another act of retaliation. It has been theorized that that the human animal learns by example. We can look at this in a personal level; a father beats his wife, the son beats his wife, and in this way a violent cycle is founded. The truly unfortunate and important aspect of this succession is that most people believe their actions to be not only correct but inherently plausible and morally justifiable.]

["lyrics were and improvised ouburst, and are subject to change, though the ideas and meaning remain the same."]

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Boy Sets Fire - Chapter 5: My Own Restrains?

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