Boy Sets Fire - Chapters 3: Endorsement

Текст песни Boy Sets Fire - Chapters 3: Endorsement

[It is the belief of Marx that the personal is dead; that all is the political. Throughout history this can be seen as true; that the choices we make every day influence and shape the world around us. Edmund Bruce wrote in his book Reflections that government preyed on the basest instincts found in man; the fear of death and the desire to make money. Bruce found that government did not do anything to promote any ideals or values; all that was left was death and taxes (the often cited "only sure things") and people were left empty and suspicious of one another. Imagine the American citizenry as a group of rats squabbling over refuse found in a garbage, fighting viciously fighting with one another over that one piece of rancid cheese, while the real rats (big business, government) sit in their great halls and eat their pounds of flesh. This distrust and fear of each other has permeated every aspect of American life. A stranger is treated with fear and distrust at best, and outright hostility at worst. The media fosters this distrust by airing and reporting the most brutal sensationalized stories possible. The American citizen must learn to trust their fellow man again and realize whom the real criminals are.]

"i create my own. I no longer revolve. around your resentment. I can smell the hatred behind your tearing sneer. I am no longer threatened by this judgment throne. lies. dead. stagnant. change. forgetting one more day. I could really care less about your lame confinement. my ego's not worth saving when true change is not met. forgetting one last day. I can't understand. but I feel this rage is spreading on inside me. you tread on me like you have before. my body is broke but my soul's unbowed. your laughter fuels a will to move inside of me that I've never felt. standing, grabbing ground. your faces all drown out. I can't understand but I can't stop forward moving. I won't be pulled down anymore this is all I have no matter what scorn. ears sliced off by complacency do their bodies no good for the words they speak. you tried your best to take me down and then explained that's what friends are for. your ruled me out. you ruled me out."

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