Boy Sets Fire - Prologue

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A Citizen's Duty:
The story of America is a story best seen through the eyes of it's people. It is a story built on the idea of freedom, through the common efforts of a nation united. America, now over 200 years old, is a country that is different from all others, in that it offers equal opportunity to anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality or race. It is on this creed that the story of America was founded.
Unfortunately, that is all it is. A story.
Lies built on deceptions. A nation's history cloaked in murder. The idea of a ruling class is still very much with us. Ninety percent of all wealth is inherited wealth. We may have lost the titles, but an aristocracy still flourishes.

It is a citizen's duty to resist the system that pits us against one another.

It is a citizen's duty to refuse to believe the fears their media has implanted in us through sensationalized and biased coverage.

It is a citizen's duty to renounce the idea of borders and boundaries, as they strengthen their hold on us by serving the dual purpose of separating us and therefore dividing our strength. Burn their symbols. And as they burn physically, let them burn internally, a charred reminder of a nation that could have been.


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