Brainstorm - Lost Unseen

Текст песни Brainstorm - Lost Unseen

You disappear, a nameless face in the crowd.
It seems as if you were dispensable.
But without you it wouldn't be the same crowd.
You are the crowd. You are the face.

Denying all that's left behind
Through blindness in the mind
Engrossed in a distorted haze
Struggle through the awaited days

Lonely star without a face
no one will be safe
Here to hold on to memories, keep the faith
No one is safe

ancient gaze, into the sun
the time is on a secret place
your game is on the run

You wept in grief while I was gone
But now I'm back where I belong

desperate changes it goes through your world
into a cosmic sea

magic moments endlessly.
Sun shines on me

Close your eyes
Now you better run and hide
Close your eyes
It's the spirit of a life
Lost unseen
My mind is deeper than life
Close your eyes
Cause your soul is alive

Armed and ready I'm on the run
Food and shelter, I'm a loaded gun

I look at justice in a different light
Been to jail, it didn't make me right

It hardens me, the things I see
Now you will be safe
Our suffering won't always be
Forever safe

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