Bran van 3000 - Discosis

Текст песни Bran van 3000 - Discosis


Aint no party like a bran van party

cause a bran van party dont stop

It dont stop

Dont quit


(Id like) to put it down baby

Bran van three gee

Now feel me

I make it hot in new york streets

Who draws heat

While you talk sweet


Blaze through invading the path

Put it down tight get paid in cash

Been in the game a decade and a half

Superfly style

Yet related to shaft

Sippin me slow

Girls give me dough

You know one smoother than this

Let me know

Not stressing that little piece of fame

Yall know whos most critically acclaimed

Your majesty, naturally

Get it all in a large capacity

Rather makin you smile

Or bring it crucial

Im gonna live til I die in the year three thou


Yo, I dont think they heard me

I ball hard

Any night

Cruise through your town

City lights

As for my game

It be tight

Message to you

Livin life

Nothing to prove

But something to make

Cutting the cake

Put it in your oven to bake

The rule of the game is

bout the benjamins

And there aint no need to guess

Whos got the winning hand

K to the a

N to the e

Player of the day

Then youll agree

No one does it better

In the pimp game

Im the trendsetter

Everybody knows

The prognosis

Is discosis

Dont step on my ghepettos

Pinocchio has got a broken nose

So watch your back bushwacker

You cant deal with the greatest cracker

Everybody knows

The prognosis

Is discosis

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