Bran van 3000 - Forest

Текст песни Bran van 3000 - Forest

Its not my fault that you lost your way;

Your insanity will prevail.

Its not my fault that you lost your way...

Nous tions tous en voyage quand un brouillard sapproche,

Cest la fort des regrets amers,

Des doutes sans rmission.

Im living life in this forest,

The shadows and stains;

And the government,

They take the gains,

But were left with the reigns.

In the name of our God and our dead generations,

The poets have been called for creation.

We were born free to the world,

As we were born we will depart;

I refuse upon the mic to be refused my spark.

See the fire seventh sign is near,

So hear this calling,

Once the man, come twice the child.

cause the fear of the man turned us all fucking wild,

Im born again to see the end.

cause all I really truly got is this block and my friends,

But where am I gonna be when theres nothing left to spend?

And I remember what the dread said;

And I remember what the dread said:

Its not my fault that you lost your way;

Your insanity will prevail.

Its not my fault that you lost your way...

So, all you freak punks and all you cool ginos,

Pump up your jeeps and and brass down your chinos.

We hit you with the bran van style:

Roquefort, blue cheese, kraft floor, cheese tile.

Yeah, we hitting you strong,

We be the lawd awful song you cant shake from your gong.

With a bv3 g riff to a drunk drum,

Cmon man, spill some outcome.

When I was lost, I saw the forest was dark;

You lose the fire and the flame with the loss of the spark.

I let my body house demons,

That fed on my mind.

I was looking for myself,

To myself I was blind.

Because my senses confused, with what was once so real;

I could not hear taste touch or fear.

But slowly I try at each and every cost to rebuild these strengths that Ive lost.

Its not my fault that you lost your way;

Your insanity will prevail.

Its not my fault that you lost your way...

So test drive to the forest, to the jungle,

To the place outside yourself.

Im speaking strictly of the self,

You know as I jump, slip step deep and wide.

And watch all the animals,

The mammals, lions, fishes, and the camels.

And you know what theyre gonna do:

Theyll set you up,

Theyll knock you down,

Theyll kick your ass all over your hometown.

And theyre gonna ask you something that youve got to learn to do,

Its something thats so good for you:

You know you roar...

You roar...

You roar!


Your insanity will prevail.

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