Bran van 3000 - Montreal

Текст песни Bran van 3000 - Montreal

I think I love to watch you laughing

In fact I love to watch you do anything

And yes I do feel this thing happening

But youll have to excuse me girl

cause my taxis waiting

Although I do

Yes I do

I love you in my own twisted ways

One day God walked on old mount royal

Just to dream up the human form

Threw stones and cans and comic books in a kettle

And you came out like a shining goddess heavy metal

Say its just too bad some hearts dont settle

And the pipes are leaking and you feel like leaving

Yeah, we heard this one before

I said, dear god, buddy, now dont you meddle

cause Ive got my own little twisted ways of showing you that I do

Yes I do

I love you in my own twisted ways

And sing it

Like we used to sing

See kermit the frog was one day daydreaming

Thinking about himself at a red light

With that it-aint-easy-being-greenin

And the cars behind him kept honking and honking

And kermits last words as he flipped the bird

Was, damn you muppets just keep on taking!

See Ive got my own things now so stop tooting

I do my lily pad jumping

Miss piggy bumping

Lotta miss piggys and thats all good

And Im gonna turn this red light

Into a block party

So we can get down in basics of what?

Rainbow connecting

Yes I do

I love you in my own twisted ways

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