Bran van 3000 - Speed

Текст песни Bran van 3000 - Speed

Take me with you

My soul is on

Get back with your heart attack

Can I ride your motorbike?

Karaoke nights by the sea

Bomber jacket hyperspace

Leather laced in 3d

Waters crashing

Road keeps turning on

So hold on, hold on

Take me with you

My soul is on

Can I stay with you?

Make it easy for me

You are the most selfish kind

Nevermind what I need

Waters crashing

Road keeps turning on and on and on

So hold on, hold on

Take me with you

My soul is on

Hold on, hold on

Sliup - ummm - crack

Goes the backscreen door

She wanted to go for coffee

But I sleep an hour more

See mary dancing across the porch

She put her rolled up ziggys in her rock and roll jersey

Jersey, she was born to run

She was the spirit of midnight

She was blinded by the light

She was holed up in jungleland

Straight up

The rock and roll big boss

Turnpike down by the river of desire

Just off thunder road

Where you catch her in the tenth avenue

Freeze out

She was lost in a flood

Mary, queen of arkansas

Dreaming of a cadillac ranch with a hungry heart

But most of all she was born in the usa

Ashbury park, new jersey

Inner state babe

To be exact she was her own rock and roll video

Rolls royce, low riding

Speed climbing, driving by the sea

Making mad love on other peoples private property

While being on the run from the local law for unpaid parking tickets

Can I stay with you?

Make it easy for me

Are you a tramp like that?

Are you born to run?

If yous a tramp like that

Cmon, give me some

You like your guitars fat

You like your beach with bum

I never had no fun

Cmon, let me ride shotgun

cause Im a tramp like that

Yeah, Im a tramp like that

And Im gonna give you so much

New jersey girl

We gonna ride around

New jersey girl

New jersey girl, new jersey sun

Bring it on

Hear me scream

How yall feel out there?

I cant hold it back

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