Brandy - Should I Go?

Текст песни Brandy - Should I Go?

[Verse 1]
I'm Standing On The Edge Of The Industry
Wondering If It's All That Important To Me
To Feel My Records Pack Out There On The Street
It Ain't Like I'm Hurting Or Anything
Tell That Boy Right Now My Money Ain't An Issue
I Can Go Where I Want
Do What I Want To Do
Too Tempted To Leave It In My Rearview
Because This Game Ain't What I'm Used To

Should I Go?
Should I Stay?
I'm In Control
Either Way

[Verse 2]
There Used To Be A Few Of Us At A Time
Now Even The Veterans Waiting In Line
Premature Release Of These, These Ones Are Mine
Making It Hard For Real Immatators To Shine
If You Manage To Defeat These Odds Against You
Keep Doing Your Thing Cuz I'm Not Mad At You

Just Trying To Figure Out Where I Fit Into
All Of This Now Or If I Do


[Verse 3]
This Industry Was More Like A Different World
When It Was Just Me, Monica, And Baby Girl
I Never Got To Tell You How Much You Mean
I Wish You Any Hope When You See Me Working With Tim
Just To Be In The Presence Of The People That You Affected
The Personal Level Just Makes Me Stop For A Second
You Were Such A Blessing
You Helped Me Answer All My Questions


[Verse 4]
Well I Gave You Some Time And I Made Up My Mind
Move Over This Is My Time
B-Rock Is Back On The Grind


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Brandy - Should I Go??

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