Britney Spears - Mega Mix

Текст песни Britney Spears - Mega Mix

I wanna see you move
Can you turn me up a little bit more
U like it

My lonliness is killing me and i,i must confess i still believe,when i am not with you i lose my mind,give me a sign,hit me baby one more time

You drive me crazy i just can't sleep, i'm so excited i'm in too deep ohhh crazy but it feels alright,baby thinking of you keeps up all night

Git it git it git it git it

I'm a slave for you i cannot hold it i cannot controll it, i'm a slave for you, i wont denie it i'm not trying to hide.

Yea! baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

Oops oops oops oops oops oops, yea yea yea yea ye yea yea yea yea yea yea x2

Oop[s i did it again, i played with your heart, got lost in the game oh baby baby,oops you think i'm in love got sent from above i'm not that innocent.

But now i'm stronger than yestarday no not nothing going in my way my lonliness aint killing me no more i i stronger!


Everytime i try to fly i fall without my wings i feel so small i guess i need you baby, and everytime i see you in my dreams i see your face it's haunting me i guess i need you baby.

I wanna see you move

The taste of your lips i'm on a ride your toxic i'm slipping under and taste of the poison paradise, i'm addicted to you don't you know that your toxic

And i love wot you do don't you know that your toxic

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