Bruce Springsteen - Be True

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Be True

Your scrapbook's filled with pictures of all your leading men
Well baby don't put my picture in there with them
Don't make us some little girls dream that can't ever come true
That only serves to hurt us and make you cry like you do
Well baby don't do it to me and i won't do it to you

You've seen all the romantic movies you dream you take the boys home
But when the action fades your left all alone
You deserve better than this little girl can't you see you do
Do you need somebody to prove it to you?

Well baby you prove it to me and i'll prove it to you.

Now every night you go out looking for true lust satisfaction
But in the morning you end up with second thoughts that came from your

And another cameo roll with some big player your befriending
Your gonna go broken hearted looking for that happy ending
Well girl your gonna end up just another lonely ticket sold
Crying alone in the theater as the credits roll

You see i won't be like those other guys
Who filled your head with pretty lies
And dreams that can never come true

Well listen
Baby you be true to me and i'll be true to you

So how about it?

Is it a deal?

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