Bruce Springsteen - Dry Lightning

Dry LightningBruce Springsteen3:37

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Dry Lightning

I threw my robe on in the morning
Watched the ring on the stove turn red
Stared hypnotized into a cup of coffee
Pulled on my boots and made the bed
Screen door hangin off its hinges
Kept bangin me awake all night
As I look out the window
The only thing in sight
Is dry lightning on the horizon line
Just dry lightning and you on my mind.

I chased the heat of her blood
Like it was the holy grail
Descend beautiful spirit
Into the evening pale
Her appaloosas
Kickin in the corral smelling rain
Theres a low thunder rolling
Cross the mesquite plain
But theres just dry lightning on the horizon line

Its just dry lightning and you on my mind

Id drive down to Alvarado Street
Where shed dance to make ends meet
Id spend the night over my gin
As shed talk to her men

Well the piss yellow sun
Comes bringin up the day
She said Aint nobody can give nobody
What they really need anyway.

Well you get so sick of the fightin
You lose your fear of the end
But I cant lose your memory
And the sweet smell of your skin
And its just dry lightning on the horizon line
Just dry lightning and you on my mind

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