Bruce Springsteen - Elouise

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Elouise

Well, what power of God does a nun use to hold up parish priests

And what makes a good cop let go a beautiful theif

Oh, and how does the queen know she got hold that manna honey

Oh and what makes an old woman give a young man all her money

Well late in the night neath that pale moonlight the power comes over me

And its all elouise yeah

Im turning into elvis (and theres nothing I can do)

...kissed the babysitter. she screamed and I told her it was just the beast in me.

And on my way out of the house I shot out my tv

I went down to the corner luncheonette and said sally "fried peanut butter and banana will do(? )"

Im turning into elvis and theres nothing I can do

I threw out my wife and family I took off my wedding ring

I told my friends and neighbors to refer to me now as "king"

I put a chainlink fence around my ranch house and on the gate a sign that reads "graceland ii"

Im turning into elvis and theres nothing I can do

I visited my mamas grave and I headed out to hollywood and I signed a picture with mgm

I play a rebellious beachboy racecar driver who fucks a nun in the end

In the last scene I whip out my big guitar and show her a little memphis-style kung-fu

Im turning into elvis and theres nothing I can do

But I drove on straight to vegas and I stopped in the first old stripper bar.

Found me a little hooker that looked just like ann-margaret and we rumbad in my sports car.

Well me and my drinking buddies turned my lovin home into a frikkin zoo.

Im turning into elvis and theres nothing I can do

Well he came to me last night in a dream looking just like he did in 57.

He said "son that guitar is a wonderful thing but it can be the living devils friend.

On the other hand theres sex-starved women, millions of dollars, and anything you want to do."

Im turning into elvis and theres nothing I can do

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