Bruce Springsteen - Frankie

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Frankie

Dark weekends in the sun, out on chelsea row

Descending the stairs, frankie my love

Check your make-up in the mirror

Come on, baby, lets go

Well dance round this dirty town

till the night is all done

Then all the finer things sleep alone tonight

Then all the minor kings lose their thrones tonight

Dont worry about me baby, Ill be alright

Theres machines and theres fire

On the outside of town

Young boys for hire

Waiting to blow us all down

There are strange flashes in the sky up above

Ill spend the night at the movies

With my secret love

At dusk the stars all appear on the screen

Just like they do each night in my dreams

But tonights no dream, frankie

I can feel myself move

Living and dying

Like I was born to do

Walk softly tonight little angel

I wanna be alone with you

Talk softly to me tonight angel

Make all my dream-world come true

I remember standing in the freezing rain

Reading them "want" ads out on chelsea row

Winging down the street in search of new games

Hustling through the night packs where the actors go

Frankie they are crazy, lets run and hide

In the darkness therell be hidden worlds that shine

When all of the glory in this desperate land

Will rise like raindrops in the palm of our hands

Rise like the rain

Let your sadness rise

Walk softly tonight little angel

Into the shadows where the lovers go

Talk softly tonight angel

Whisper your secrets so soft and low

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