Bruce Springsteen - Henry Boy

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Henry Boy

They broke your toys this morning, henry

Rode your board right into dust

Surrounded you with strangers who you could not trust

And then they had the gall

To write your name up on the girls room wall

And send you out to maria

Who spoke of babies and all

And wanted to shoot your joy

Its a hard world when youre the new kid in town

Aint it, henry boy

Well the north side is for diamond-studded woman

Subtly selling their wares

And the west side is for debutantes

And would be millionaires

Oh the east side is for lost boys

Who know their moves too well

The south side is for gamblers, henry boy

The train stops once for hell

Its a hard world when theyre forcing you

To live your life out on broadway

But henry Im sure youre gonna like it well

The constellation she points to gate eleven

Thats where you got your connections

Let me take a look inside my magic book

I dont think youre beyond my inventions

Oh these doctors appendages Im giving you for wings

Im sure itll meet the occasion

Im gonna mix you some magic, youll spittin sparks

And ready for the invasion

Oh and the milky ways a trip for dippers

They saw ya coming a mile away

In the amusement park youll get clipped by rippers

Hiding behind candy cades

In the alleyway youll get ripped by strippers

All who know your name

In the stalls sit the soldier-boy kisserson leave for just a day

And henry couldnt take it

Hes gonna be a submariner

Riding underground for the pope

Gonna stand on the corner of broadway

And scream: "up scope"

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