Bruce Springsteen - Jazz Musician

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Jazz Musician

Well its saturday night in new jersey

And youre feeling kinda wet

Now the summer heat is getting you worried

So you try to look as innocent as you can as you sweat

And youve got a woman on the other side of the law

But it aint cool to go see her yet

Because her ex-old mans a city cop

Who thinks hes auditioning for dragnet

So you stand on the corner looking kinda torn

And in the blue light lounge

Where death was born

The jazz musician blows his horn

You pop a letter to your baby in richmond

cause youre feeling pretty down

Shes kinda small but at least shes a rich one

Oh, and she needs you real bad

And sometimes thats all that counts

You had a teenage band and flying hands

And oh, you was pretty big, you were pretty big in the


But you passed out on stage and flew into a rage

And someone tried to revive you

Mouth to mouth

You felt a pain in your chest

As you passed the crown

And in the blue light lounge

The lights went down

And the audience slipped silently out of town

Well now the atheist he burns you for laughing out loud

Because he cant understand what youre saying

And the words out when they pushed him in the hole

Everybody knows that he went out praying

Oh, now the park is dark but the sidewalks bright

And alive with the light of the living

Oh and mama can I walk you home tonight

cause its a big bad city

And this boys got a lot for the givingim stranded in the jungle

First stage witness at a company killing

Im clutching my high school diploma, shuffling my feet

Promised sixty bucks a week

And guaranteed top billing

Well you can live a life of love in new york

Only if you dont, if you dont love living

And I met this taxi driver who drives me around town

Telling tales of his back seat women

And out on the corner theres no room to move

cause everybodys trying so hard to groove

And in the blue light lounge

The jazz musician plays his blues

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