Bruce Springsteen - Murder Incorporated

Murder IncorporatedBruce Springsteen3:58

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Murder Incorporated

Bobbys got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow
Out on the street your chances are zero
Take a look around you (come on now)
It aint too complicated
Youre messin with Murder Incorporated

Now you check over your shoulder everywhere that you go
Walkin down the street theres eyes in every shadow
You better take a look around you (come on now)
That equipment you gots so outdated
You cant compete with Murder Incorporated
Everywhere you look now, Murder Incorporated

So you keep a little secret down deep inside your dresser drawer
For dealing with the heat youre feelin out on the killin floor

No matter where you step you feel youre never out of danger
So the comfort that you keeps a gold-plated-snub-nose-thirty-two
I heard you

You got a job downtown, man that leaves your head cold
Everywhere you look life aint got no soul
That apartment you live in feels like its just a place to hide
When youre walkin down the street you wont meet no one eye to eye
The cops reported you as just an another homicide
But I can tell that you were just frustrated
From living with Murder Incorporated
Everywhere you look now, Murder Incorporated
Murder Incorporated

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