Bruce Springsteen - Santa Ana

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Santa Ana

>from a tin roof top

The little boy did watch

The procession down through town

Through the museum

Where daniel walked with the devil

With them boys from the underground

Where the giants of science

Fight for tight control

Over the wild lands of new mexico

Sam houstons ghosts in texas

Fighting for his soul

And the town folks rest uneasy

Beneath the guns of kid cole

And the kid says: "hey, wheres santa ana

He who could romance the dumb into talking

Take a chance with me tonight my contessa,

If it dont work out, I aint lame, I can walk"

Now some folks they just cant take it

To the streets of this town

But sam easily can, and he lays his money down

Them cats in from the canyon

Strut their stuff in town

But theres only secret sinners here

Lord, theres only secret thieves

Only a fool would try to save

What the desert chose to leave

And now, hey there senorita,

With your playboys in their spanish bandanas

French cream wont soften them bullets baby

French kisses will not break your heart

Oh, painted night, set free with light

Glows outside the rainbow saloon

Match embraces with a spanish lady

Beneath a graduation moon

No more colleges, no more coronations

Some punks idea of a teenage nation

Has forced santa ana to change his stationfrom soldier to cartoon

And the giants of science

Spend their days and nights

Not with wives, not with lovers

But searching for the lights

They started in the desert on their helicopter flights

Just to be lost in the dust and the night

Ah, hey my contessa

In your juke joint rides

You always bring candy for the kids

Come waltz with me tonight senorita

cause only fools are alone on a night like this

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