Bruce Springsteen - Spanish Eyes

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Spanish Eyes

Little christine

Were takin one more run

Secret heart, when the time has begun

Come to part

And hey, youre the one

And now we know

My heart is sold

And though we tried

You took me with your spanish eyes

Hey badlands


That someone else is yearning

Special sunday night

And baby theres time

Time enough to cry

With all our sad stories

And all the bad that weve done

And all the times

Weve rode on for glory

And ...

And you took me with your spanish eyes

Stretch out baby

And call your daddy home

cause Im runnin tonight

Couldnt be all alone

Yes I know how something died

But baby it was just for kicks

It was just for fun

Even with all the bad that we done

They cant say we didnt try

And I fell for your spanish eyes

Saturday night special

Waitin in the sheets

Oh come on

Talk to me, my sweet

And Ill try to make it complete this timecome close and let me dry your eyes

Let me try to turn the lies

And let me kiss your spanish eyes

Let me kiss your spanish eyes

Let me kiss your spanish eyes

Let me kiss your spanish eyes

Come here, baby

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