Bruce Springsteen - Stand on It

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Stand on It

Well, jimmy lee was hookin round the fan turn

Of a funky southern florida dirt track.

He had mud caked on his goggles and a screamin three fifty

Stacked up on his back.

Well, as he passed the stands, he feeling all tuckered out,

When through the roar of his engine he heard somebody shout.

"stand on it. come on, boy, stand on it."

Mary beth started to shift, she hit the shift,

But she just couldnt get a hand on it.

She was racin some red hill boys; she had the deed to the ranch

And a grand on it.

With eight grand blowin hot on the red line,

She blew past a hitchhiker out on route 39. he hollered,

"stand on it. come on, baby, stand on it."


Well, now when in doubt and you cant figure it out,

Just stand on it.

Well, if your minds confused; you dont know what youre gonna do,

Well buddy, stand on it!

Well, if youve lost control of the situation at hand,

Go grab a girl; go see a rock n roll band,

And stand on it.

Come on, man, stand on it!

Well now, columbus, he discovered america

Even though he hadnt planned on it.

He got lost and woke up one morning

When hes about to land on it.

He wouldnt have got out of italy, man, thats for sure,

Without queen isabella standing on the shore shouting,

"stand on it! go ahead, man, stand on it."

(repeat chorus)

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