Bruce Springsteen - Straight Time

Straight TimeBruce Springsteen3:30

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Straight Time

Got out of prison back in 86 and I found a wife
Walked the clean and narrow
Just tryin to stay out and stay alive
Got a job at the rendering plant, it aint gonna make me rich
In the darkness before dinner comes
Sometimes I can feel the itch
I got a cold mind to go tripping cross that thin line
Im sick of doin straight time

My uncles at the evenin table, makes his living runnin hot cars
Slips me a hundred dollar bill says
Charlie you best remember who your friends are.
Got a cold mind to go tripping cross that thin line
I aint makin straight time

Eight years in it feels like youre gonna die
But you get used to anything

Sooner or later it just becomes your life

Kitchen floor in the evening tossin my little babies high
Marys smiling but shes watching me out of the corner of her eye
Seems you cant get any more than half free
I step out onto the front porch and suck the cold air deep inside of me
Got a cold mind to go tripping cross that thin line
Im sick of doin straight time

In the basement huntin gun and a hacksaw
Sip a beer and thirteen inches of barrel drop to the floor

Come home in the evening, cant get the smell from my hands
Lay my head down on the pillow
And go driftin off into foreign lands

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