Bruce Springsteen - Street Queen

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Street Queen

She got high class,

She rides around in a cut down chevy machine.

Her eyes are plate glass,

Oh and legs like a limousine.

She comes stocked with sass,

And pride aint there to be mean.

Shes the baddest thing this towns ever seen.

Oh, street queen.

Well, she got a turbine engine, mama,

With maximum thrust.

Cadillac hips, shes got the best on the strip,

She knows how to use a clutch.

She comes on shiny and black,

And, boys, if you hit her you better be tough.

Oh shes the slickest thing that Ive ever seen.

Oh, street queen.

And you can always tell a moment shes around,

You can hear the loud engine roaring.

She says, "come on, get in. hey baby, you want to go for a ride? "

I know she sets your mind soaring.

Oh and the boys, they jump back,

As that engine unwinds.

Im glued to my seat, mama,

As I watch that speed-o-meter climb.

Oh she moves so fast shes almost obscene.

Street queen.

Well, if youre going to come streakin down my street, baby,

Like an angel with them chevy wings.

If youre going to come streakin down my street, baby,

Like an angel with them chevy wings.

You better watch out, street queen,

Cause youre messing with the king.

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