Bruce Springsteen - Sugarland

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Sugarland

Theyre grazin the field

Covered with tar

Cant get a price

To see my way clear

Im sitting down

At the sugarland bar

It might as well bury

My body right here

Tractors and combines

Out in the cold

Sheds piled high

With the wheat we aint sold

Silos filled with

Last years crops

If something dont break me

Well gonna drop

Well my wife got another

Coming in july

Shes just laid up in bed

All she does is cries, cries, cries

Tommy, oh tommy

Im so alone

Tommy, oh tommy

Oh! wont you stay home

Pa dont say nothing

Except when it rains

He sits by the window

Listening to the sound of passing trains

Roaring out of the night

Carrying an empty load

We got a whole lot of grain

That aint got nowhere to go

Well, if prices

Dont get no higher

Ill fill this dustbin with gasand set these fields on fire

Sit out on a ridge

Where the bluebirds fly

And watch the flame rise up

Against this sugarland sky

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