Bruce Springsteen - The Wish

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - The Wish

Dirty old street, all slushed up in the rain and snow.

Little boy and his ma,

Standin outside a run-down music store window.

On top of the christmas tree shines one beautiful star,

And lyin underneath, a brand new japanese guitar.

I remember in the mornin ma, hearin your alarm clock ring.

Id lie awake and listen to you gettin ready for work,

The sound of your makeup case on the sink.

And the ladies at the office, all silk stockins and rustlin skirts.

And how proud and happy you always looked, walkin home from work.

Well if pas eyes were windows, into a world so deadly and true,

You couldnt stop me from lookin, but you kept me from crawlin through.

Well its a funny old world ma,

Where a little boys wishes come true.

Well I got a few in my pocket, and a special one just for you.

It aint no phone call on sunday, flowers, or a mothers day card.

It aint no house on the hill, with a garden and a nice little yard.

I got my hot rod down on bond street,

Im older but youll know me at a glance.

Well find us a rock n roll bar, baby well go out and dance.

Well it was me in my beatle boots, you in pink curlers and matador pants,

Gettin up in the livin room, to do the twist for my uncles and aunts.

Well I got a girl of my own now ma,

Yeah, were doin ok.

And Ive been workin up the nerve, to say what it is I got to say.

Last night we sat around laughin, at all those things that guitar brought


And I laid awake thinkin about the other things its brought.

Well tonight Im takins requests here in the kitchen,

This ones for you, let me come right out and say,

That if youre lookin for a sad song, well, Im not gonna play

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