Bruce Springsteen - The Word

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - The Word

Well you flash your tongue like diamonds

You tied me to your wildcat schemes

And you forced me into a power dive

And left your mark on my jeans

And I hear the word on your soldiers

And I hear the word on jesus too

I heard the word on the country

But I never heard the word on you

Your love was like a machine gun

I wore your bugle in my belt

And I was your kid glove lover

All the cards were yours

You always dealt

And I stood before your soapbox

Noiseless and shoeless

Playing my pantry boys games

You had your hands raised up to the sky

Shouting oh sunday deity

Oh big daddy longlegs

Come down and bless your sister please

You were shoutin orders about the construction

Going on down the highway

You were namin names, blamin blames

And you blamed me

You wore your heart like a challenge

Far and apart for anyone who came

Open and wide like the river

With rocks on both sides to keep the water tame

But I heard the word on your high tides

And I felt the pain when I tried

To rip your flood gates wide

And pull your body on over to my side

Where we both could hide

But you heard about the freedom ride

And you heard about the highway crew

Who could cut the light a little bit faster than you

So you left me just your shoes

And I hear the word on jesus

And I hear the word on his marching troop

And I hear the word on the country

But I never heard the word on you

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