Bruce Springsteen - Tv Movie

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Tv Movie

I woke up last night shaking from a dream

For in that dream I died

My wife rolled over and told me

That my life would be immortalized

Not in some major motion picture

Or great american novel, you see

No, theyre gonna make a tv movie out of me


Well now, its one two three you take the money

Yeah its as easy as a b c

Yeah theyre gonna make a tv movie out of me

Well they can change my name or they can leave it

They can change my story too

Or they can make me black or chinese

And do things that I never did do

Theyre gonna give my life a whole new ending

And put me in prime time first-run

And when its over, what I did there will be what I done

Now I dont want my name in a history book

Nobodys ever gonna see

No, theyre gonna make a tv movie out of me


Well Im a shoe-in for a sponsor

Goodyear blimp and radial wheels

Somebody had a meeting somewhere

Somehow somebody made a deal

Well I was one of them kinds of stories

That everybody liked to see

Yeah theyre gonna make a tv movie out of me

Now I dont want no inscription on my gravestone

No long soliloquy

No theyre gonna make a tv movie out of me


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