Bruce Springsteen - Two Hearts in True Waltz Time

Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Two Hearts in True Waltz Time

Well the first frame finds her running

But the night pushes her deep within the tunnel

She camouflages herself in dayglo paint

And she sings her love songs through a funnel

And she clings to the walls like a cat who calls

The shots for life and for death

Wearing nothing but the make-up she uses

To try and cover up for herself

Well if she cant hide her sword

She gives no terms for surrender

cause shes living the third world war

The tunnel police, they steadily increase

The search for where she hides her kid

She swings on a vine across the state line

They measured the length of her skid

She never goes back to do something she didnt

Or undo something she did

Smoke streams from the street

And the night is complete

With a long and fiery belch

Shes just another orphan annie cartoon and a raquel welch

She rides like caesar, brandishing a whip

On the hood of his squad car

As the siren wails she silently sails

Leaving footprints in the tar

Oh she breaks with the dawn

And by morning shes gone

Leaving nothing but another night

She returns to her home

Like a dog returns to a bone

Another unsatisfied wife

And theres little booth

Secure from the truth

He wants her more than hes got the guts to say

cause as she needs to be real

He needs to conceal

The realness of his place

So he sings a little song

And in a chiffon sarong

She performs a black ballet in space

But shes another flop with a fancy name

And hes just another cop with a pretty face

So together they commit the ultimate crime

Two hearts locked in true waltz time

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