Busta Rhymes - Can You Keep Up

Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Can You Keep Up

Feat. Twista

Now it's... some energy, we got the remedy
I'm in the vicinity of a nigga that can spit it with me
Feel the fire whenever we act up
Everybody else is... we got artillery
So forget about it, when you hear about it
Cause it's too fast when it pass, time to... Busta

Hit a victim in the middle of the body with a wooden
And the rhythm them we murdering the structure
Every time I hit you nigga with another...
Then I'm back and I be sending... beat you in the head
I bring another banger with my nigger Twist
Everything we do we have to rang her

You don't really wanna see the way I come in
I give it to you get on the ceiling make it numb
Do it how I wanna do it till I make another nigger drop
I'ma... do it...

Go ahead, pick it up and carry it to where you wanna carry it
To do what you wanna do...
Show the competition how we gonna do, when we gonna do
Bet a nigga will never get in front of you
Out in the beat, out in the front, wanna get in... they call me flash
Don't nobody really want it we can hit them like a couple of millimeters
And whop a nigger ass...

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