Busta Rhymes - Intro

Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Intro

[lord have mercy]

As we approach the current time frame of 1997.with approximately

Two and a half years before the year two thousand. repeatedly it has

Been reported that there will be a time soon approaching. that

Major disaster will be striking, all levels of existence. it has also been

Reported that this disastrous thing will be approaching in the form of

Many, many as in squad, squad as in flipmode squad.

It has also been reported that everyone out of the many will strike,

But this particular motherfucker will strike with an unmeasurable

Blast and fuck up everything within his 360o radius.

Warning. prepare yourselves. store your food, stamp your paper,

Because when this motherfucker gets here, its about to get real fucked

For everyone and everything, everywhere!!!!


Well, busta rhymes. come over here and let me talk to you son.

See know. dolomite just got back from some shit that you about to

Be it. well are you prepared, I hope you are prepared nigga, cause

You know this is album number two. yes more bitches than before.

Therell be more bitches, more and more and more. more thirsty

Niggas. time to get inside your shit. time to throw your whole

Chemistry off. oh yes, theres gonna be a lot more money. yes a lot

More money than before. so son dont you worry about none of that

Shit. all you gotta do is just slap your dick in the mouth of these

Bitches that dont wanna act right, and put a hot one in any

Motherfucker that wants to get in the way of this powerful shit right

Here. ok son, all right busta enough of this shit talkin. lets be on our

Way. cause when disaster strikes theres gonna be a whole lot of

Motherfuckers pourin in. all right baby, lets go.

[spliff star]

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. ladies and gentlemen. straight from the

Motherfuckin street corner. goin out to all you motherfuckers

Across the globe. on the return trip. it be the niggas. the niggas that

Live by the code of blood honor. my flipmode niggas, ha. spliff bring

You that shit to another extreme. her to hit you motherfuckers with

A strike of disaster. I bring on to you once again. the eight wonder

Of the world. my nigga busta rhymes. and I be that nigga, that live

Nigga spliff I spliff comin through right at you were ever the fuck you

At. flipmode is da squad comin through right at you were ever the

Fuck you


[busta rhymes]

A yo cut my shit off, get it off. a heh a heh, a heh heh.

Here we go again motherfuckers. a heh, lets start this


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